Safety & Compliance Services 
It takes more than knowing the rules to be in compliance......... 
SCS ..... covers every area of safety for motor carrier companies. There is no need to use different companies for different issues your company faces. Here are some of the DOT related services we provide:
  • CSA
  • Company Policy/Procedure Manuals on all DOT Regulations (Specific to your company's needs)
  • Specific Driver Issues Consultation
  • Defensive Driving
  • Driver Qualification Files 
  • Drug & Alcohol Testing (SAMSHA Certified)
  • Driver Maintenance Files
  • TPA (Third Party Administrator)
  • Motor Vehicle Reports
  • Pre-Employment Verifications
  • Follow-Up Drug Screening
  • Drug & Alcohol Education
  • Background Screenings & Checks
  • DOT Compliance Programs
  • Random Drug & Alcohol Programs
  • Simulated DOT Inspections & Mock Audits
  • DOT Computer Generated Random Programs

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