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It takes more than knowing the rules to be in compliance......... 

Consultation  and Retainer Services        

Interface with Governmental Agencies

It happened. You never thought it would, but it did. You read about this happening to other companies, but now it's happening to you. YOU are being visited by OSHA for an inspection. But you feel confident that you are prepared, right? Maybe... advance preparation is the key. Effective communication with the inspectors is vital.

Safety & Compliance offers that effective communication and knowledge to run interference between your company and the OSHA inspector,
reducing the number of violations and penalties. We offer that extra hand in corrective measures.
No job is too small or too big. Our services may be necessary for short periods, such as a project or a job requiring the contractor to provide these services during a construction phase or until the business can get the qualified individual into a position and trained. The benefits of hiring our consultants are numerous.  Not only will it reduce your company's overhead costs but it will also train your employees to perform safely.

In today's business world, being competitive requires a leaner work force, while regulations are demanding and ever changing. This option is cost effective helping you keep up to date in safety, health, and environmental policies and practices.
We provide your company with a powerhouse of seasoned Safety Management Services to ensure your site is safe; we promote safe practices, training, education and written safety policies on all types of industries nationwide.
Our qualified consultants are professional and aware of all new regulations affecting your company. 

Put your work place in safe hands with our qualified consultants!


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