Safety & Compliance Services 
It takes more than knowing the rules to be in compliance......... 



Safety & Compliance is well known throughout the United States for our drug and alcohol collections. We continuously look for certified DOT collectors to support our client base. We are looking for collectors with the following:


* Lab collections

* Mobile Collections

* 24/7 Operations

* DOT Certification is required

* DOT/ Non- DOT Collections

* DOT/Non DOT Alcohol Collections

* Hair follicle Collections

* Capable of performing instant urinalysis


NOTE: Collectors must be familiar with CFR 49 Part 40 for Department of Transportation


Reason for Testing:

* Post Accident

* Pre-Employment

* Reasonable Suspicion

* Follow-Up Testing

* Return to Duty

* Random


If you are a DOT certified collector and would like to perform collections on-site and after hours, please submit your information below and we will add you to our ever growing database.


**Please note** DOT Certification and BAT Certification must be faxed to our location to complete the listing. You may fax it to (540) 344-8705.

You may click on the following link to print out to submit your information via email or fax.