Safety & Compliance Services 
It takes more than knowing the rules to be in compliance......... 

About Us

Safety & Compliance Services, Inc. (SCS) is a highly-respected regulatory consulting firm based in Roanoke, Virginia.  SCS specializes in assisting clients (business, industry, government, etc.) with loss prevention due to accidents and regulatory non-compliance. SCS was founded by Timothy A. Fitzgerald in 1990.  With over 29 years of consulting experience in construction and general industry regulations and safety, he and other qualified staff members share their expertise of OSHA, EPA, DEQ, and DOT regulations with clients to help simplify managing the complex safety, environmental, and transportation issues in an ever-changing work environment.  Safety-related services include such things as:  consulting and training to many businesses and industries under OSHA General and Construction Guidelines, mock audits, job site inspections, and safety program/policy review and updates.  

A large portion of our business is drug and alcohol testing, and our vast array of clients range from governmental agencies, to school districts, to private business and industry.  All of our staff members are DOT certified collectors for urine, hair, saliva, and nail testing, and we have collectors on call 24/7 to services our clients’ needs.   SCS also provides random selection services, and operates a DOT Consortium for commercial drivers.  SCS offers DOT and non-DOT Supervisor Reasonable Suspicion training to ensure that its clients are knowledgeable in the various drug and alcohol testing scenarios.

SCS also offers DNA relationship testing.  A DNA paternity test compares a child's DNA profile with that of the possible father to determine if there is a direct match.

SCS has a dedicated staff of health & safety instructors readily available to meet the needs of our clients on a 24/7 basis.  Our staff represents over 50 years of experience in the field. SCS also has several retired safety directors with over 30 years of experience that assist with special out-of-town projects as needed.  These individuals are available to come onsite for job site inspections, mock audits, and training.

SCS specializes in fatalities and high profile accident cases, and also guides businesses into compliance with government regulations, acts as a liaison with governmental agencies regarding regulatory issues, and conducts OSHA and DOT mock audits.

SCS also provides training in all fields of OSHA safety (including OSHA 10 & 30 both construction and general industry), MSHA mining training, ASHI First Aid/CPR training, DOT Hazmat, RCRA, DMV/NTSI Driver Improvement Clinic (General and Commercial licenses), CSA, DOT, and Lead Renovation Training.

These programs are designed and implemented to ease the administrative burden on management, to identify hazards, and reduce losses due to personal injury and property damage. These programs are not only for regulatory compliance, but are designed to enhance the knowledge and awareness of the employee's responsibility for safety in the workplace. Clients range from governmental agencies to small entrepreneurs and Fortune 500 companies.